Saturday, January 2, 2016

For good luck

I associate my children with colors.  Kate is purple, Emma is pink, and Chase is blue.  Neither child and color match were planned it just sort of happened.  For Kate's nursery I was drawn to purple with some yellow.  I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty, but not of the color pink.  I ended up finding a lavender set and even my shower was purple.  The day Katie was born David presented me with a necklace.  He asked the jeweler if December had an alternate color because he didn't want Katie and I to have the same stone, he wanted us individual.  Apparently there is an alternate stone to blue topaz, it's purple tanzanite.  My necklace had David, mine, and Katie's birth stones.  The necklace also has room for more stones and I've asked that he add the twins to them as well.  I don't know when that will happen.

When I lost the twins many of the gifts, trinkets, and cards  got were all pink and blue for Emma and Chase.  Over time pink and blue became the colors for them.

I started my period today.  It was this afternoon instead of morning so I'm unsure if my clinic will consider today cd 1 or tomorrow.  So, I'm not really sure.  I did know I wanted something for good luck on me this cycle and what better luck than my 3 beautiful children?

I'm trying to be optimistic among my fear and realism.  I'm trying to believe good things can happen in 2016.  We will see......  I'll update after my baseline Monday.


  1. Good luck this cycle! I love that your kids have colors :)

  2. Abissett13 from bbc, dec'13 mamas. Haven't been on the board last few days, but happy I can still hear about how you are doing here!!
    Sending all the luck I have your way! So glad you are in a place to try again :) big hugs!!

  3. Goodluck on Ur upcoming cycle.