Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Trigger night was tough.  I didn't sleep much prior to it due to anxiety and after I couldn't really either.  Made for a very exhausting yesterday.  Today I've been a jumble of nerves.  I've been trying to push my emotions away, but it's been tough.  I'm sure I'll be dealing with the emotional stuff now that "my" part is done.  I start progesterone tomorrow

So, here we are the IUI.  Here's the stats:
Post Wash: 13 mil.  I'm unsure what it was prior to that, but that number doesn't really matter right now.
Motility: 75%

My last two BFP cycles had a post-wash total of 11 mil each time, so this is our highest count.  As far as a cycle can go, it looks good as far as follicles, estrogen, lining, and sperm.

It's out of my hands now and whatever happens, happens, or doesn't.  I ordered Wondfos and I'll start testing out the trigger over the weekend sometime.

I'm very emotional and exhausted.  My nurse is amazing.  Made me take some deep breaths before the IUI.  I had my family figurine of the 5 of us and the bear I got at the hospital when Emma and Chase were born.  The nurse also told me to meditate every single day during these next two weeks and take good care of myself.  She was just very sweet and calming.

So.... we shall see.  I'm sure once I sort out my emotions I'll do a post on that.  Just one step at a time.


  1. Wishing you the best that you can give sweet Emma and Chase a little sibling <3

  2. I can only imagine how your feeling but I want to wish you the best of luck.

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