Monday, April 18, 2016


Been dealing with a lot of PTSD stuff for the past few days.  I'm hanging in there and doing okay.  I was very much needing and counting on tonight's counseling appt, but that was cancelled due to a massive storm.

My triggers are, my wedding anniversary, I just kept replaying a year ago over and over again and actually this storm is giving me a hard time.  We had a series of rainy days followed by a horrific storm like now where everything was shut down the day Chase was born.  It's why I had visitors to come see Emma, but no one saw Chase because of the storm.  I'm taking my anxiety meds and trying to keep myself grounded.  I know in my head I feel like I'm failing, but I think I'm okay, I don't know.  Due to the storm my therapist's office is closed.  I have to wait until Wed.  Trying to hang in there.  This is so hard.

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