Friday, April 15, 2016

Ivy is home

I had a figurine gifted to me of my whole family after my twins died.  I contacted the shop owner, The Midnight Orange about Ivy and asked if I could send her the figurine to have Ivy added or pay for Ivy to add.  Just something since my family now included him as well as Katie, Emma, and Chase.  This amazing seller said she had the perfect Ivy for me.  A rainbow angel, since Ivy was to be my rainbow, that was smaller than Emma and Chase, indicating the earlier gestation and just perfect for me.  Furthermore there would be no charge.

Ivy arrived two days ago and I love him.  He is absolutely perfect!!!  Here's some pictures of him and the the final piece completing my family.

This family figuring means so much to me.  It's the ONLY thing I have that shows my entire family and this is so incredibly precious to me.  I love it.

I asked the shop owner about a gift figuring for the amazing nurse that was with me the whole night I labored and delivered Emma.  Nancy stayed by my side the whole night and helped me through the hardest thing I ever had to go through in my whole life.  My husband was with Katie, it was just the two of us.  She's the one who cleaned Emma and put her in my arms once I was stable enough to hold her since I almost died immediately after delivering her.  I plan to contact Nancy and set up a meeting.  Nancy has had 4 IVFs and is a Still Mother (no living children). Her husband left her as well and she an older woman now who is a night nurse and the one they give to loss moms like me.  She's an amazing and wonderful lady. I feel so guilty that I haven't contacted her in this past year, but people assure me she'll understand.  I hope so.


  1. She will remember you. She is probably wondering how you're doing and will be touched that she made an impact on your life!

  2. Oh this post. It makes me cry. I love the figurine. I love that Ivy was added. I love your night nurse's story.