Friday, April 1, 2016

Learning about Ivy

I found out more information about Ivy today.  I learned that Ivy is a boy.  I have two sons and two daughters.  Ivy, unfortunately, had Trisomy 16, meaning he had an extra copy of chromosome 16.  This is incompatible with life and there is no way he ever could have lived.  Most of the time those with Trisomy 16 are miscarried in the first trimester, just as he was.  This does not have a strong affect on future pregnancies from the research I did.

So there you go, Ivy, my youngest, my precious son.  With this brother and sister.  Not well enough to live in this world, but whole enough for another.  I miss you, my precious son.

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  1. My second loss was also due to trisomy 16. I know this knowledge doesn't erase any of this disappointment or pain, but I hope it provdes a little sense of peace.