Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Going rogue

DH and I talked last night and since I do have Femara sitting at home, plus some progesterone we decided to just "go for it" and do a Femara and TI (timed intercourse) cycle this time.  I have my sonosalinehystogram scheduled for May 27th, CD 10, so I even get kind of a monitoring check.  Since they'll already be in there, I'll just casually ask how my follies and lining look.

I honestly don't have high expectations it will work, but I can truthfully say I've never tried this before either. It's free and I have it, so why not?  Also, how I do emotionally with this will be very telling on if I am ready for the big guns, aka my Hail Mary.

I'm doing okay, although more emotional.  This morning I realized there's one week until Emma's anniversary and I just started crying.  I'm doing okay, I just miss them both so much.  My sweet babies.  Oh how I wish they were here.

So....  I'm officially CD 1, since AF appeared in the afternoon. Here goes nothing.