Friday, May 27, 2016

Sonosalinehystogram-cd 10

I had to go back to the RE today for my sonosalinehystogram. This is similar to HSG where they run saline through your tubes to see if the uterus and tubes are clear of tissue damage. Mine were. They wet ahead and checked follies and lining while in there. I have two follies on my left-what I consider the bad side at 20 mm and my lining was a 8-9. Nothing on my right side. NP said I look like I'll ovulate soon. I'm not hopeful between them on my left side and doing TI instead of IUI. But, of course I'll use OPKs and try anyway, because why not?

I'm feeling discouraged and down, especially since the ankle injury. Just feeling like I can't get ahead and what if I'd still been preg with Ivy and fell down the stairs. I don't know. Is the universe telling me no? Am I ever going to have another living child or was Katie really my one in a million?

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