Friday, June 17, 2016

Another diagnosis.....


Not going to lie.  I've been in a complete funk since I hurt my ankle.  I still can't walk on it, in fact I tried a week ago and it took until about Tuesday of this week to get it to where it was last Friday before I injured it more.  I live in a boot and it just sucks.  I feel transported back to last summer with the assistance I'm needing with Katie and energy level and I'm just having a hard time.  Last week started with not getting a job I wanted, finding out a co-worker/friend passed away, and then that BFN.  This week has been a bit better, but I struggle daily.

I feel like I was starting to do so well and all at once it went to shit.  Half the time I don't know the point of therapy and I've debated not going, but honestly I just don't know.

RE Update:

So, My RPL testing didn't exactly come back perfect.  I had ideas, but was surprised by what came yesterday when I met with my RE.  I've had symptoms of thyroid issues for a long time, I'm sluggish, insomnia, how easily I'm cold.  I'm always wearing a sweater at work, etc.  However, tests have shown things are "normal".  Well, my antibodies are not and I was dx with Hashimoto's Disease, which is a thyroid conditions where your body is attacking the thyroid.  It's considered an auto immune disorder and I was prescribed Synthroid for it.

My RE thinks I'm okay to go next cycle if I'm ready.  I'm tentatively yes while I'm finding out more info about this.  I'm scheduled for my baseline July 1st, to make sure I don't have cysts, and then once AF comes (should be around 7/7), I can start the final cycle, my "Hail Mary"

For anyone reading who's a Thyroid buff and curious, these are my numbers:

TSH 1.650
T3  2.5 (appears normal range, but I'm told this is low)
T4 1.02
Thyroglobulin Antibody 7.9 (this is very high)

I'm just so confused right now. I'm torn in every direction.  I keep telling myself I had a goiter last year I needed u/s for, I've had symptoms of thyroid issues for years now, but since the antibodies are the only thing that show there's an issue, it's been undx.  I've likely conceived and carried all my pregnancies and kids with it and none of my losses are attributed to thyroid or even unexplained loss, but I don't know if I'm being dumb or not.  I'm seeing women dx during their bfp cycles, during pregnancy, etc.

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