Friday, June 24, 2016

Feeling better

So it's been a week since I started my Synthroid and I had some emotional issues earlier this week.  I also ended up Oing earlier than I liked, I'm 1 dpo today CD 13.  Good ole DOR.  I'm going to start progesterone this weekend to extend my LP as much as possible, otherwise AF can come as early as next weekend.  July 1st I'm being retested.

So the bad things I noticed this week.  I had severe anxiety bordering on panic attacks.  I even called my REs office who said I could switch to EOD, but to not discontinue the med.  I didn't want to do that, so I figured I'd keep taking it and see if my body got used to it.  After all synthroid can cause anxiety, Hashimoto's can, and so can PTSD.  So, it was hard to pinpoint what was what.  Then I started feeling hot. I'm the girl who lives in a sweater.  Anyone who knows me, knows I wear a jacket inside and the temps don't matter.  My hands and feet are always ice.  Suddenly I'm warm?  Almost hot?  Yeah, fun with the boot, I tell you.  I've noticed some hair loss too.  Yesterday when washing my hair a lot more than usual in the tub and on my hands.

Today though I've noticed an increased in energy and in general I just feel "better".  My mood, just everything. I feel peaceful too.  Started some yesterday, but def notice it today and just calm.  No anxiety.  Not sure if it's the med, some kind of break in life or what, but I'll take it!

My ankle is starting to heal too.  It also hurt earlier this week, but for the past two days I've been putting oils and I was able to walk a few steps on both feet.  I'm waiting for my ankle brace to come in before I do more, but I'm encouraged.

One week from today I'll redo my labs.  I've decided I'm going to do what my RE recommends, which is probably proceed, but we'll see what the labs say.  Maybe July will be a good month.  I NEED a good month.  It's been so, so hard lately.  I've just really been trying to stay afloat, but you know what?  I'm doing it.

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