Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hit me with your best shot

So, last night started the shots.  Today I took my last Femara.  I've had a wicked headache and some issues sleeping, but otherwise no side effects.  My anxiety has been very manageable.  I'm pretty checked out emotionally and just going through the motions. I've also just been planning for life with a family of 3 and focusing on after TTC plans.  I have:

* Turning the extra bedroom into a play room for Katie.
* Tattoo for my birthday.  I know what, just not sure where.  It's a family piece so that I can have my family as a physical part of me.
* Redoing master.  I want to rearrange furniture, paint walls, and get a new comforter.  I'm thinking seafoam and tan color.  Just something peaceful and relaxing.
* Focus on thyroid and health and honestly myself.  I'm going to continue with counseling because it's become so much more than my fertility and losses, but I'll probably take a break to regroup myself and head back.
* Sell off Katie's baby things.  Keeping a few things that mean a lot, but otherwise selling it.

The heart palps are a lot better.  I'd say about 85-90% better.  I still have moments where it can be kinda bad and it's still a little bit harder than normal, but it's manageable.  I did find a thyroid specialist and I have an appt on 7/26.  The location is super convenient to my job, so I hope I like this person.  I'm very convinced I'm on the wrong medication altogether, but I'm scared to stop it, so I'm just saying on the half dose for now.

I am bootless!!  Back to walking on my two feet.  It actually took the full six weeks to recover from falling down the stairs on Chase's birthday.

I always take a pic of the first shot, honestly I'm not sure why, but here goes. I guess it's really the first of the last.  Ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow, so I'll update once I have confirmed info.

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