Monday, August 15, 2016

Mary's first u/s

Today's u/s was hit and miss.  Here's the good:

Mary A is doing great so far!  He/she has a strong heartbreat and measures perfect.  Mary B has a sac and maybe something, but hard to measure/see more at this point.  Mary C looks like an empty sac.  Honestly, it's hard to know right now with Mary's B & C.  My next appt is next Wed, 8/24 and I'll know more then.

Mary A on the left, Mary's B and C stacked on the right on top of each other.

This is Mary A, the flicker in the middle is the baby.

How am I feeling?  Very, very mixed. I'm scared for anything more than one baby, although even one is scary right now.  I'm trying to adopt the attitude of right now I have one baby that looks perfect for the gestation and for this I'm glad and grateful.  One day at a time and I'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  Feelings are subject to change (and will), of course!


  1. I'm so excited for you! May you have peace and happiness as you wait to learn more at your next appointment! You're a wonderful person!

  2. So glad that Mary A is looking great! I'm sorry it wasn't a straight forward cut and dry ultrasound like we would all want to have. I will keep you in my thoughts and look for your next update.

    Sending love and light.

    - Annielizbeth -

  3. I completely understand your fears. The great news is that you have onelittle the that is looking awesome! Try as best you can to find some peace until next Wednesday. It can be so difficult but I know you are a very strong woman........ You got this and we are all here for you.

  4. I like ur mentality of not stressing right now. Mary A is looking good and whatever comes ur way I am positive u will have great doctors looking over u to ensure everything is going as it should

  5. Wishing you good luck and happy outcome!

  6. I'm so happy about Mary A! Praying that you see more of what's going on in there in the next ultrasound.