Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mary's second ultrasound

I had my followup ultrasound today to see what's going on with Mary.

The two iffy sacs from last time are indeed nonviable.  They have yolk sacs, but neither progressed beyond that point. I'm extremely conflicted about what's happened.  I wanted a singleton pregnancy.  For many reasons I'd hoped not to have multiples and I am relieved to have one, healthy baby, at this time.  However, knowing that the other two eggs did fertilize, that I should have two more babies is hard.  I am mourning their loss and wonder what happened.  I'm very glad and grateful for Mary and hope he/she continues to thrive and do well.  I am also comforted by the fact that the other two sacs contained yolk sacs, but no fetal poles or babies.

As for my "Mary" she is doing wonderful.  Mary measures 7w2d and has a strong heartbeat of 153.  My due date is April 10th.  My next appointment is September 6th.


  1. I'm thrilled little Mary is doing wonderfully well! And I'm proud of you for hanging in there with all the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy! You're amazing!

  2. This is so conflicting. But I'm so, so happy for a perfect Mary. I hate that the other two embryos didn't make it, but if they give way to a perfect baby for you, it will be worth it. Praying that all continues to go well!

  3. Amber I am so happy to hear another day of positive news for Mary. I can imagine it must be so hard with the other two that didn't make it. Try as best as you can to stay hopeful on the one that is thriving. I know all too well how difficult it is to say goodbye to one for the sake of another. Given the earlylose of the other two, quite likely there were issues beyond anything that would have been a positive outcome. If that was the case it would only jeopardize this little one. I will continue to prayer for your little one and that you can continue to move forward after the emotional wreckage that we must call living sometimes. My thoughts are ever with you Amber.