Thursday, September 29, 2016

First OB appt

I had my first OB appointment and it was so hard at first.  I sat in my car and wasn't even sure I could bring myself to go in.  I had so much anxiety and all I could think about was the last time I sat in my car, 18 weeks pregnant with the twice, having bleeding, and scared to death.  I just relieved that whole last week up until delivery in my car and kept telling myself I HAD to go back in there.  This is a different baby and I owed it to myself and this baby to go to this appointment.

I went in and the ultrasound tech was so sweet.  She could tell I wasn't exactly okay and I went into my history.  Once she understood she was really the sweetest, I got a pretty long ultrasound and I got to hear the h/b a bunch of times.  Then I saw my OB and I'm so glad I came back to him.  He seemed genuinely glad to see me.  Gave me a huge hug and asked what did I need from him?

I had to fill him in on everything, including Ivy. He said absolutely on the progesterone and MFM.  He's submitting my referral tomorrow and I'll hear back early next week. He ran blood for infection, thyroid, genetic, and first trimester screening.  He also said he'd run monthly blood work to check for infection and if I so much as sneeze wrong and am concerned to call him and he'd get in for a full check. I felt a lot of heart and concern and that everything I needed was addressed.  He kept asking me what did I need from him and it was just a very good visit.

This is the first time I'm even considering the thought of, I might get to bring Mary home.  This baby may actually make it.  I don't think I let myself get that far before.  I just can't believe it. I think the results of the genetic testing will go a long way and hopefully I'll get continued confirmation that everything is okay with Mary and hopefully that will help with anxiety and fears as well.

Baby Mary measures 12w4d (I'm 12w6d) and the h/b is 166.


  1. Such a beautiful picture Amber. I am so very very very happy for u. It sounds like everyone at your OB office was so supportive. Finally some well deserved positive support and understanding from the medical world.

  2. Typing this with tears of joy in my eyes for you. I am so glad your OB is fully supporting you! That's exactly what you need and deserve. Mary is looking absolutely perfect!

    - Annielizbeth

  3. Love this!! Rainbow babes can never replace what we lost but they bring more healing than words can express.

  4. whats the progesterone he said yes to for ?

    1. Help prevent pre-term labor and pprom. All my pregnancy complications began two weeks upon stopping it. I take suppositories now and I'll switch to shots in 3 weeks.

  5. Thanks for sharing . How soon do they start the supposotories (sp)? Like what week?