Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Mary" update

I had my 9 week appointment today and things are still looking good.  "Mary" is measuring 9w1d with a strong h/b of 174.  I suspect girl, but gender doesn't matter.  The sacs seemed to be gone now too and I'm trying to find peace by telling myself all 3 became one amazing baby that's going to be just fine, now if I can keep believing it.  Right now I'm feeling optimistic, but that comes and goes.

I've been having lots of symptoms, emotional is probably the biggest one.  I feel bad for DH, but I am a bitch and there's no other way to put it.  I feel so bad for how I am and I'm trying to be better.  I cried over the weekend and that helped.  I just felt so overwhelmed and drowning with everything.

DH and I have decided to make the pregnancy "public" on 10/5/16, assuming all is well.  This was my EDD with Ivy and my scheduled c/s date with Emma and Chase, so technically all my angels were due then.  The announcement will honor ALL my kids and I'll share once I have it ready, probably closer to the end of the month.

Okay, that's the good stuff.  The not so good stuff:

Kate is having serious bowel issues. We've had concerns her whole life, her first appointment for this concern was at two weeks old and it's been an issue ever since.  It's taken a turn for the worse and I finally have a GI appt for her Thursday.  Hoping we can get some answers and have my sweet girl feel better.  It's been a nightmare for her and hard for us as parents to try to help her.

I saw a new thyroid doctor on Friday.  I was hoping this one would really be great since he was so recommended everywhere.  He told me I don't even have a thyroid issue at all (first one say that) and that my symptoms/issues are pregnancy and gastric bypass related.  I was very upset and right now I'm just done. Done.  No one will give me the right meds or help me, so it's just whatever.  I don't know what to do anymore.

Here's a picture at 9 week old "Mary"

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  1. What a precious picture of your sweet Mary! Thanks for sharing!