Friday, October 28, 2016

17 weeks + update

I'm now 17 weeks!!  Can't believe I've made it this far, yet still a ways away from viability, but hey, everyday I'm closer.

I had my first progesterone shot today and I was pretty nervous about it.  I'd heard some icky things, but truth be told, it wasn't that bad.  The Novarel trigger shot is so much worse. Here's hoping this keeps Mary in until April.  18 more injections to go!!

I'm mostly doing okay.  I had a hard time last weekend and on the 20th, the twins EDD.  A very close friend of mine IRL is due one week before me and will be having twins.  Her ultrasound was 10/20, which hit home for me and then her gender reveal was a week ago.  She is having boy/girl twins and I'm elated for her, but the grief was real and I had my moments of sadness.  So much is being done this time, so much that Mary has a good a chance as possible to making it.  If something happens this time, it was literally out of everyone's hands.  I'm being checked for infections, cervial checks, progesterone shots, I'm taking supplements (pregnancy approved) to boost my immune system, keeping myself very healthy.  Watching for any and all signs of anything that doesn't feel right and I know should that happen, everything will be explored.  These are things that most likely would've saved their lives.  Ivy is different, because there was no way to save him from Trisomy 16.  The twins could've been saved.  Not saying it's anyone's fault, but I've had my moments of crying, my "what if" moments.  I accept that it's okay and normal, I grieve, I cry, I move forward.  I am so thankful and grateful to have a chance to bring Mary home and I feel more and more confident that I will.

Here are dates and things coming up:

Monday 10/31 - I'll be officially announcing my pregnancy on social media.  I'll post my announcement here as well.  Most people still do not know I'm pregnant.  I both show and don't show. It depends on what I wear and honestly some days I have more belly than others. Yesterday I realized I just do not fit into any of my pants anymore, so this weekend I'll be washing all my maternity stuff and embracing it.

Tuesday 11/1 - MFM appointment.  I'll be starting my cervical checks via ultrasound every two weeks until 24 weeks.  At that time we'll talk about how things are and if I need to continue with the MFM or not.

Thursday 11/10 - Anatomy scan with OB @ 19 weeks.   I'll have one with MFM too, but that will be scheduled on 11/1. Feeling less nervous about this since the CVS results came back normal.

Saturday 11/12 - Gender reveal!!! I'm honestly having an emotional time planning this.  It's more trigger than I realized.  However, Mary deserves to be celebrated in the same manner as my others.  I'll be 19 weeks, and that could be triggery for me.  At least it's after the anatomy scan and hopefully things will still be awesome.

Friday 12/16 - VIABILITY!!!! I'll be 24 weeks and it's also Katie's 3rd birthday!!  Hoping to really be celebrating this day.

This is the scary period for me.  I'm in the window where complications began with my prior pregnancies.  Katie's started at 16 weeks when I started bleeding, then twins at 18 weeks when I first had a real sign something was wrong. Truly hoping the scariest thing about this pregnancy was the Trisomy 18 scare.

Movement: I've felt a bit here and there, one day last week I felt Mary 3 times in one day!! Nothing daily or consistent in general though.  I'm guessing I will in the next few weeks. I also tried the doppler last week and found the heartbeat!!  That was awesome!!  Feeling a little nervous, so I'll probably do it again this weekend.

Overall things are going really great and for that I'm grateful!!  <3


  1. Congrats and thanks for all you share. I've been silently following along for a little while and wish you nothing but the best. I'm compelled to write because I encourage you to remember that 24 week viability is great, but the risks for a baby born then are still immense. We lost our son born with preterm labor at 24 weeks. Please keep the MFM around a little longer! I believe outcomes increase greatly at 28 weeks. I don't mean to being down the mood, I just want you to have every chance of a healthy baby. Best of luck.

    1. You are so sweet and I agree with you completely. 24 weeks just means 50/50 survival chance, but more I'm glad medical professionals will do anything to save my baby at that point, but 28 is even better as far as chances, and of course, my real goal is term.

      Thank you so much for your support and I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Lots of love and prayers to you.

  2. I am so, so excited for you! I haven't been around the blogs much, but I think of you and Mary often. Can't wait to see your announcement!!

  3. Kid am so very happy for you Amber. You have helped me so much with our own loss of Beatrice.

    1. Really? I feel so whiny all the time. I hope your doing okay. I think about you a lot. If you message me on BBC I'd love to connect with you via FB if you're okay with that. ❤️

  4. Congtatulations Amber ❤️... I'm so happy things are going along ...