Friday, October 7, 2016

Second Trimester!!

Hard to believe, but here I am, 14 weeks!  I'm officially in the second trimester and right now hoping I make it smoothly to the third.

I'm mostly doing okay.  I still hardly have any energy and work is just hard.  I'm constantly exhausted and struggling to stay focused.  As I'm typing this, I just want to sleep.  Sleep is something I struggle with in general.

I've had some anxiety and panic attacks this week.  I have to say it's definitely increased, but it's hard to say why.  I know Ivy's due date was a trigger and I guess other things are too.  Trying to stay positive and go a day at a time.  I had a bleeding scare last weekend.  I thought I was bleeding, but then realized when I put in for my new progesterone script the pills came back red.  Stupidest thing in the world to make red progesterone pills.  I mean who does that????  At least I know it's that and not blood.

Still no luck with the doppler, but I suspect I'm just doppler challenged.  I am starting to feel some bubbles and little something here and there.  Not much and not daily.  I do look forward to movement.

The MFM office called me yesterday and got me scheduled for Tuesday.  I'm actually really upset at them. When I got the call to schedule, I was asked if I was currently pregnant with twins.  My heart just stopped and I didn't even know what to say.  I just said, no, they died.  The lady then says, oh, but you are currently pregnant?  I'm like yes, pregnant with one baby.  Then she got me scheduled.  No sorry, no nothing.  I was so upset by the phone call I ran a red light after getting off the phone and then I pulled over until I could calm down enough to drive safely. The whole thing just caught me off guard and its like please read your notes more carefully before calling me.  Then I'll see my OB on Thursday too.

I am so lucky to have all this extra monitoring and extra care to increase the chance of a healthy, full-term Mary, but the appointments also come with anxiety and it's been hard to juggle work.  If things still look good next week, I'm hoping maybe I won't have anymore until the anatomy scan next month.  We'll see. I can handle anything that helps Mary.

Struggling with what to do regarding a gender reveal too.  It's a bit triggery for me since I went to the ER the morning of Katie's with unexplained bleeding (low-lying placenta) and then Emma was born the day of hers.  I want to do this since I did it for my other viable pregnancies, but just struggling with it all.  I'll try talking to DH this weekend.

Last a picture from last week.  This was 13 weeks and I was feeling pretty positive after my OB appointment.  I'm a lot bigger at night, but overall not showing much, luckily, since I really haven't come out with it at this point.  I'm thinking of announcing on Halloween and have a cute announcement planned, just need to do it.  I'll be 17 weeks then.


  1. You look great, Amber. Your story gives me a lot of hope.

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  4. Amber you look so amazing. I am so very happy for you.