Friday, December 16, 2016


I know it's been a while since I posted. There has and hasn't been a lot going on.  I'll start with all the good.

I'm 24 weeks!!!!  "Mary" is now viable!!  YAY!!!  I had my MFM appt this past Tues and she looked fantastic.  My cervix was over 4 inches long and everything looked great.  I was even able to get a great 3d image of her.  Doesn't she look like such a sweetheart???  Really feeling hopeful about holding a healthy "Mary" in my arms this April.

Mary enjoys breakfast tacos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and kicking.

So, the not so great stuff...  I'm having A LOT of BH.  I'm talking almost nonstop.  Luckily it doesn't seem to be affecting my cervix, but it's concerning.  It happens regardless of my activity level or water consumption.  I naturally drink water like crazy. One thing that has helped it some is magnesium.  I drink a magnesium supplement twice a day and it's helped calm things down some, but I'm still getting them multiple times a day, every day. My MFM was going to release me after this past appointment on Tuesday, but she's changed her mind due to the BH and cramping (they come together).  She's going to check me out again on 12/27 and if I'm still having them, she's going to prescribe Procardia.  I was given Procardia injections with Katie when I went into PTL to stop it a little before being admitted for PTL.  Since I'm not actually having PTL, she thinks a script might calm down my uterus.  So, we'll see how the next two weeks go.  

The other thing is anxiety.  Anyone following me knows that this has been a struggle for me.  It's elevated a bit and reminds me a lot of when I had a Katie.  I had Post Partum Anxiety with her and didn't know it.  By the time I realized the constant intrusive thoughts and irrational fears were not normal, DH had just lost his job and I couldn't see my OB.  I conceived the twins a month after he got a new job.  I'm having the intrusive thoughts and some rational, but also irrational fears again.  I'm doing okay and functioning well day to day, but I'm very emotional and it's just been hard.  I've been talking to my counselor about it and I will mention it to my OB at my next appt. on January 5th. This anxiety is why I haven't posted in a while. 

So, here is "Mary" and I at 24 weeks.  While she's considered viable, she is definitely far from ready to leave my body. Next big goal is 28 weeks, but for now I celebrate this milestone.

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  1. Great picture of Mary and of you! Thanks for the update.