Tuesday, March 14, 2017

36 weeks

Sorry I've been so quiet.  I've been having some ups and down's, had my shower, and now I'm wondering how am I pretty much term and scrambling to get ready for my precious Anna Belle.

A recap of how things have been going. I had a wonderful shower thrown by my MIL and much love and support from so many friends.  It was a beautiful shower and I'm grateful my MIL did this for me.  Here's a few pics.  This was at 33 weeks.

At 34 weeks, I had a growth scan that scared me.  She'd only gained 3 oz in two weeks and went from the 47th percentile to the 13th.  My MFM wasn't worried, but I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop so I was in freak out mode.  I also had a lot of anxiety about setting up the nursery, because even though I know in my head she's probably going to be okay and things will be fine, I'm terrified that something will and I have trouble picturing her or really believing in my heart I'll get to bring her home. Also, just had a lot of anxiety in general about setting up the nursery.  I had it pictures for the twins during the pregnancy, all the way for wall color to decorations to everything and it my mind and heart it remained "their room" and just a lot of guilt.

However, my mom helped me with samples and we finally picked out wall colors (a gorgeous sky blue with a yellow accent wall) and my mom even found beautiful butterfly fabric to make curtains, blanket and some other decorations. The walls were painted this past weekend and my anxiety is starting to go away.  I see the room as Anna's room now.  I have an idea of how to place the furniture and getting it decorated and I'm starting to get excited and hopeful, although I still deal with anxiety.

I'll share nursery photos when it's done, hoping to get the bulk of it done this week so hoping to show off pics by 38 weeks.

My 36 week check went perfect!!  She's back around the 50th percentile and she's at 6 lbs. 6 oz as of last Friday. Her lungs and everything look great. She's moving up a storm and I'm sore as anything, lol. I'm starting to thin out and dilated a finger tip. I have my last appt with MFM this Thursday and then weekly with OB until delivery. I also had my last progesterone shot last Friday. The BH are pretty intense, but not much can be done about that. Physically I don't feel great, but I'm so glad to be this far along, still carrying her, and that everything is going well.  I'm confident I'll make it to April.

Today I'm doing maternity pics and working on nursery stuff and thank you cards from my shower. I'll share those too when I get my pics back.  It's all suddenly happening fast.  I'm terrified of going to that hospital for delivery and hope I can go when it's time.

Thank you everyone who's praying for us, thinking about us, and continuing to support me  and for always remembering all my children.


  1. Amber so very happy for you! Please let us know when. Beautiful Anna arrives. There are so many that are so supportive and excited for your family.

  2. Looks like it was a beautiful shower, and her nursery sounds lovely! I can't wait to see pics. Hoping everything continues to go smoothly and that Anna's delivery will bring a little healing to your heart.