Friday, March 24, 2017

38 weeks, plus maternity pics

So, somehow I find myself at 38 weeks and still in denial that I'm actually going to have a baby. My body is telling me it's happening soon though.  For the last 48 hours I've had a very hard time eating any kind of food without my stomach feeling like it's being ripped out and I live in the bathroom. Everything pretty much hurts.

Had my OB appointment today and he could feel her head and sac of water. Also, I'm 50% effaced and dilated to 4 cm.  Guess I better pack that hospital bag and get my butt going on having things as ready as possible.

This past week has been hard, I've been struggling a lot with PTSD as the realization that I have to go to that hospital has been hitting me. I could use all the thoughts and prayers and hopefully everything goes smoothly.

My maternity pics came back.  Katie wasn't exactly cooperative during the shoot so I was a bit frustrated that day.  However, the photographer found a way to include Emma, Chase, and Ivy in them and it just made my heart smile and knowing that my babies really are with me always.  Sharing a few of my favorites here.

I love this one of Anna and I. It just feels very special.

One of the whole family where Katie is actually facing the camera and smiling (#threenagers)

I love this last one the best. These just really made my heart.

I guess we'll see if there will be a 39 week update or a baby instead.  I'll try to keep this updated.  Thank you all so much for all your love and support throughout the whole journey. Looks like I'm on the verge of a new chapter. Can't wait to meet and hold the long awaited and precious Anna Belle.


  1. Sending love and prayers for you and for your sweet Anna Belle!

  2. I hate that the new blogger doesn't default to reading list. I never remember to read blogs, but I am SO happy I happened to click into it today and see these wonderful pictures! Katie is such a great blend of you and your husband. I can't wait for you to give Anna her first kiss <3

  3. So pretty and so happy. I was super scared because I delivered Judah in the same hospital that I rushed too when my water broke at 17 weeks and the same hospital were I found out Brinly's heart had stopped. It was so so so redeeming to walk out of there with a live baby, here little brother. Rooting for you as you go through the end of this chapter. So happy. Your pictures are just perfect.