Thursday, April 6, 2017

Anna Belle's Newborn Photos

Happy due date to me, lol!!  Today Anna would be 40 weeks, but she's shown herself more than ready for life on the outside.

She is very alert, eyes wide open, looks around. She can even hold her head up a bit and roll around. I better watch out, lol! She's so opposite of Katie and I love it. These girls are going to be my yin and yang and they complete each other.  I've also noticed that Anna is the spitting image of my oldest son, Chase. I always wondered what he'd look like growing up and I have a feeling Anna will give me that answer. 

Kate's had a hard time adjusting. She's had tantrums, regression in potty training, crying, yelling, pretty much acting out to the point where I have no idea where my sweet girl went. I've been patient, giving extra love, space from Anna, rewards for appropriately expressing herself, etc. Last day or two she's been doing better, I think she's starting to see that no one replaced her or is more important than her. It's going to be okay in time, this kind of landed on her from no where. 

Anna is so chill and lives with this half smile on her face. She cries if she's very hungry or has gas, and that's pretty much it. Otherwise she's very easy going, at least so far, lol. She's great with nursing and latching as well.  I was unable to breastfeed Katie and I had trouble producing for the pump, so it's nice to do better this time. The pump and I are still struggling, but since she latches and drinks, the pumped milk is just if I can't be with her and someone else needs to cover a feeding.

I have a root canal today for my mouth. Turns out my tooth was in a very bad place. It's infected, prior filling is leaking, and the cavity extends to the nerves. I'm terrified of the dentist and not looking forward to it, but I can't live on antibiotics and norco.

So, how about some gorgeous photos of my sweet and long awaited Anna Belle? These were taken on 4/1/17, at 5 days of age.

This last one is special to me since all my kiddos are represented in it. My beautiful family!


  1. Your family is so beautiful! Congratulations! (And you look stunning!)

  2. Lol, let me try that again. Too many typos and no way to edit! Anna is gorgeous! I think I shared how much we struggled with Asher's behavior after Gemma came home. There were some other factors at play, including being bullied at daycare while I was on maternity leave, but it's truly taken until very recently to reach a nice place as a family. He now loves her and finds her bodily noises hysterical, and she clearly thinks he hung the moon. I have no doubt Kate will get to that place, too, especially when Anna starts showing her adoration for big sister. 💗

  3. She is SOOOOooooo beautiful!!!! And those pics of both Anna and Katie are amazing!