Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thank You

I want to thank those of you who left me comments and just thank you for the support. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed about this. Also more people are finding out I left FB and now I'm having anxiety about reactivating my account. Having everyone be like where did you go and what happened? But one step at a time, trying not to think about that.

I made an appt to see my therapist on Thursday. I'm not sure how to even get myself in her office because I'm deeply ashamed for how I feel. I just want to go hide in a cave. I love my girls so much it's all just so complicated and I hate myself for not enjoying them and feeling the way that I do. However, they are worth their mom getting better so I'm trying. I'm going to make myself go there.

I did yoga last night and I'm feeling better emotionally from that too. I'm trying, I'm really trying. I want to be better, to live better, to find happiness. I love my girls, I really really do.

I'll keep updating, if anything, for the accountability. Thank you guys for the support and the loving words. They mean so much.

Now to show off the pics I had made for DH for his Father's Day gift from the girls. Can you believe Anna will be 3 months old in a week?


  1. SO cute! You are so creative! And those girls of yours are just beautiful. Good job, Mama. Praying for you still, and hang in there!

  2. You are a wonderful mom! I really believe that. Sometimes it's hard to focus on what is true and sink into the mire of guilt and inadequacy, but keep pushing through! Those girls are in great hands. Love, Kj